Community Consultations

Phase 1

Public consultations began in autumn 2018 to raise awareness of the Hagley NP through the Hagley Village News, public events such as the Christmas Hagley Market and by holding public consultations to gather data and identify key issues.

Initial public consultation October 2018

In October 2018, the Hagley community was invited to the launch of the Hagley Neighbourhood Plan public consultation. The Group held consultation events on the evenings of  October 15th,18th, 23rd and 25th, 2018.

Thank you to everyone  who joined us and for your comments and views. We have now collated these and you can read all of the questions and comments by clicking the link below:

Questions and comments from initial public consultations – October 2018

If you weren’t able to make one of the events, it is not too late to give your views. The presentation given at the meetings can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Initial Public Consultation Presentation – October 2018.

Interactive public consultations – March 2019

The Group held an interactive public consultation sessions on March 26th, 27th 30th March 2019 for residents of Hagley to have their say on Hagley’s future. Thanks again to all of you who were able to join us and participate in the discussions. Topics discussed included Pedestrians and Transport and Housing and the Green Belt. The Group has collated the feedback from the three sessions and can be viewed by clicking the link below:

March 2019 consultation feedback

Phase 2  February 2020

A census of Hagley residents was conducted in early 2020  to help us understand key issues and to develop objectives and policies for the Hagley NP.  Click the link below to see the initial analysis and timeline of the census:

Phase 3 Date TBC

Once the Hagley NP report is complete, there were be  six weeks of  consultation with public workshops and events to collate feedback on the NP report from the Hagley residents. The final report taking into account feedback from the public events will then be submitted to an independent examiner, followed by  a referendum on the report and if accepted by the residents of Hagley, the report will be adopted by Bromsgrove District Council.


We’d love to hear your comments/views and you can contact us through this website and share your thoughts.

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