Aims and Objectives


The aims of the Housing Group are to:

  • Assess the current housing stock in Hagley and the projected requirement for the future.
  • Review the type of developments that would be appropriate, by taking into account housing needs for Hagley residents and for those moving into the area, including building affordable housing.
  • Assess potential locations for future developments  and to promote developments that are in sustainable locations within walking distance of  the village amenities.


The aims of the Movement Group are:

  • To review rail services and bus services including capacity and frequency to promote an integrated public transport policy.
  • To survey footways (pavements) and cycle routes and facilities to promote  safe ways of moving around the parish for pedestrians and cyclists
  • To survey public parking facilities within Hagley for residents and  those visiting Hagley for leisure or work purposes.
  • To review traffic capacity, volume  and associated  pollution to ensure a safe environment, through traffic management initiatives,  and good air quality in Hagley and surrounding areas.
  • To raise the profile of the traffic issues so that the surrounding local authorities and LPAs understand the impact that further development in their areas will have on Hagley.


The Business Group will consider:

  • Opportunities for economic development  
  • The Infrastructure required to develop traditional business outlets and for those working from home, for example high speed broadband, adequate parking.
  • The requirements of retail outlets on Hagley ‘high street’ and local businesses to maintain a mix of retail and business outlets appropriate to the character of Hagley 


The aims of the Environment Group are to consider :

  • The natural environment both within and surrounding the parish of Hagley
  • How aspects of the natural environment should inform and be enhanced by any future housing or business developments within Hagley.
  • How the natural environment can be enhanced for the benefit of residents and protection of wildlife
  • How to maintain wildlife corridors and green spaces


The role of the History and Character group is to consider:

  • The important historical aspects of Hagley, reviewing buildings, monuments  and natural features
  • How to protect the historical aspects and retain the local character of Hagley
  • How any future development will protect those important historical aspects

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