Consultation topics

We think that there are going to be a number of key topics within the development plan such as:

History and Character



Hagley Footway Survey Results

  • The most common footway defects were surface rutting, depression/bumps, crack and loss of surface aggregate. Many of the footways surveyed showed some evidence of these defects with some footways with multiple (>10 defects).
  • Some of the footways with multiple defects were noted by the assessors as requiring refurbishment.
  • A number of trip hazards were reported which were due to problems such as raised/lowered utility covers, tree roots, broken drop curve pavers and very uneven surfaces. A number of these will require urgent re-assessment and attention as they may pose a safety hazard.
  • If, as a resident, you feel that the footway in your area is in poor condition or there are safety issues, such as trip hazards, which are not listed in the survey results tables, please send us a comment via the contact us page. Alternatively you are welcome to drop a note into the Hagley Parish Council offices addressed to the Hagley Neighbourhood Plan and the Group will ensure any such areas identified will be inspected.



Social Infrastructure

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