Hagley Schools Survey

During November and December 2021, in conjunction with Haybridge High School and Sixth Form, we asked pupils from all year groups to complete a survey for us. The survey yielded a good response rate of 53.5% of pupils. Splitting out the results of those who live in Hagley will help us understand more about the Parish’s teenagers, things that matter to them and concerns they may have for the future?  Moving forward, we’ll analyse data from the survey in depth which in turn may be used to support our evidence base for the Neighborhood Plan itself. In the meantime we’re happy to share some initial results with you as follows:

How do you get to school?

47.9% of respondents said they walked to school.  The next largest group of 16.8% travel in by car. 29.9%  of respondents said they get to school via public transport. 5.4% said they use other means to include only 0.2% of respondents who cycle.

What are the issues you feel are most important to you and your family?

We asked pupils to rank in importance a number of matters. “Environmental Issues and Climate Change” ranked most important for 40.5% of pupils. Second most important is “Traffic Congestion and Road Safety” with 33.2%. At the opposite end of the rankings,  “More Shops, Cafes or Restaurants” proved least important for 35.3% of respondents.

Why would you not like to live in Hagley?

Respondents were asked if they would like to live in Hagley after they had finished school?  73.6% of them said no. Of those who said no, the main reason given is to Attend University by 33.8% of respondents. Job Opportunities came next at 15.9%. The third main reason is Housing costs at 14.4%. 35.8% gave other reasons to include 8.8% of respondents who said they wanted Independence from Family.